Thinking About Listing? (Scroll Down for Buyer Information)

Eagle Realty is THE agency to list your property with. Our knowledge and experience, coupled with our outstanding advertising will give your property the edge in the market today. Here at Eagle, we advertise more than most agencies so your property will get the best exposure we can give it.

Our Advertising Methods:


We advertise on websites that can reach all world-wide web users.


We have over 500 websites we currently utilize!


In-House Flyers - We print flyers on properties to be given to prospective buyers. We also are able to customize brochures for our larger commercial or specialty properties.


Preview Magazine - One of the largest and most well known Real Estate publications in Southeastern Oklahoma. It also has a world-wide website:


Various Local Newspapers - Depending on the area your property is in, we advertise in the papers suited to that location, The include the Johnston County Capital Democrat, Atoka Weekly Paper, Durant Daily Democrat, Coalgate Newspaper and others.


Once listed, our marketing team will put together a video tour of your property and showcase all of it's attributes. Our prospective buyers love these videos and they are a great advertising tool to showcase on all of the websites mentioned above. 


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Like us on Facebook! - this social media site is a great tool for networking and showcasing our properties for sale and also allowing us to give buyers and sellers lots of great real estate advise.  

Looking to Buy?

Don't let the buying process feel intimidating. Our knowledgeable broker and agents will help to make it go as smooth as possible. Below you will find a few basic things to keep in mind when you decide to buy a property.

Find a Lender.

One of the first things you should do when you decide to purchase a home is find a lender. There are many different types of loans available and a lender can explain all the options to you. Different types of loans require different down payment amounts and have different terms, so knowing all your options is a great thing!


Get Qualified.

Lenders will have things they need from you in order to “pre-qualify” you for a loan. Some (not all) things your lender will ask for are:

                                          Tax Returns

                                          Bank Account Statements

                                          Asset Information (real estate, cars, retirement accounts, investments)

                                          Income Verification from Employers


Your lender will review all of your information and make a determination based on some (not all) of the following:

                                         Annual Income

                                         Length of Time at your Current Employer

                                         Bank Account Funds

                                         Ability to Repay the Loan

                                         Income vs Debt Ratio


At this point, if your lender grants you a pre-approval, it should include the amount (up to) they will lend you and a good faith estimate of your monthly payments, interest rate, etc.


Once pre-approved, come see Eagle Realty! We will help you find a home within your pre-approved lending amount.


To make an offer on a property keep in mind:

The offer needs to be in writing and fall within the guidelines of what your lender has determined you can afford.


Escrow Money: This amount is negotiable between buyer and seller.


Eagle Realty will present your offer and negotiate the terms of the sale. If the seller agrees to your offer, we will help you in the next steps to home ownership!


Thank you for placing your faith in Eagle Realty and we look forward to helping you with your purchase!